Project Manager项目经理



Engineering background, bachelor degree or above, majoring in Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Casting, Welding to be preferred.


At least CET level 6 with good speaking, listening, reading and writing ability, could communicate with foreign customers effectively.


Be able to expertly operate Microsoft Office software like Word/Excel/Project. And master basic operation of AutoCAD and so on.


1. 核对合同及技术附件的完整性,并组织合同评审;

Check details of Contract & related specifications, and organize Internal Contract Review


2. 翻译并分解合同及工程技术条件,编制《内部合同联络单》;

Translate and simplify the requirements of orders & specifications, and prepare Internal Order Coordination Sheet to related departments;

3. 组织转化和提交施工文件,建立《项目管理大纲》,内、外文件传递和版次控制;

Organize internal departments to prepare the launching documents and submit those to Client

for approval, also control the documents distribution and their revision;

4. 组织工程技术交底会(也称为开工会);

Organize Pre-inspection meeting or Kick-off meeting before launching.

5. 合同执行过程中的节点控制,有效开展同销售前端、客户和其他部门的沟通和信息传递


Set up holding points of PM, and communicate / coordinate among Front end, Client and

other departments;

6. 组织外方检验合同的建立、外方检验的安排和日常沟通;

Set up the TPI contract and arrange related inspection activities, daily contact;

7. 跟踪合同项目的执行,及时发现存在的瓶颈和漏洞,协调督促项目的有序进行;

Follow up the contract implementation, timely find any omission or bottleneck and push the

project to go smoothly and in order.


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